By establishing in the year 1994, Artinvest has defined its future offering only the most modern and high-quality products that are widely accepted in manufacturing furniture in developed countries. Today Artinvest has more than 200 employees, certificates of ISO9001 and ISO14001, over 1000 loyal clients, very good business and partner relations with leading European and international companies (Kaindl, Kronoswiss, Pflaiderer, Hranipex, Blum, FGV, Volpato, Flamingo, ....), also diversified sales network, centralized processing of plate materials with complete logistics for distribution of both raw and processed raw materials, as well as furniture production.
1994 - Milan Habek founded the company - principal activity is wholesale of plate materials
1999 - Opening of the first retail sale facility for the sale of raw materials with the processing panel materials
2003 - Beginning the distribution of finished furniture - setting the brand "Arty"
2007 - Investment in construction of residential and commercial complex
2008 - Investment in the construction of a distribution center approximately 9000 m2 at the location Zemun
2009 - Opening of the first retail sale facility for the sale of furniture in its own business space of approx. 2000 m2
2011 - Opening of the 10th retail sale facility and distribution center for the sale of raw materials in Nis
2014 - Opening of the fourth retail sale facility for the sale of furniture
2014 - Investment in an automatic surface warehouse of plate materials - robot
2014 - Investment in line for plate materials processing
2014 - Launching our own serial production of furniture
Artinvest, home for your home Artinvest deals with import, sale and distribution of raw materials for the production of furniture, and from the year 2014 in Articenter we perform centralized processing of plate materials. Artinvest deals with import and distribution of finished furniture from "Arti" program, as well as the production of "Arti" furniture.
Artinvest has developed a sales network through three distribution centers:
  • DC Stara Pazova
  • DC Niš
  • DC Novi Sad
  • 10 retail stores, including six in Belgrade.
  • WEB Shop –
Since the year 2014, in Articenter in DC Stara Pazova we set the first robotic system for centralized processing and distribution of plate materials with automatic warehouse, and it's all backed with the latest computerized machines to perform all operations in the production of furniture:
  • Cutting and edging - Selco, IMA
  • Folding and grooving - Biesse Skipper
  • Drilling for joint furniture fittings - Biesse Skipper
  • Drilling for fittings - drawers, hinges - Biesse Skipper
  • Curvilinear cutting and edging - Biesse Rover
The Artinvest has an assortment of over 5,000 articles from the program of raw material as a stock collection. Our assortment meets the needs of a wide range of clients because it fulfills the trends in terms of design: over 200 chipboard decors, 70 decors of worktops and accessories, 25 shining decor plates, 15-dekro HDF, as well as needs in terms of functionality and in quality. The major part of the assortment consists of ABS sheets for all decors, of various thickness and length and fittings for furniture and kitchen equipment with over 3,000 items.
Artinvest has divided distribution of finished furniture in two segments:
  • Arti furniture - own furniture production
  • Arti program - import program
The distribution network includes logistics center DC Stara Pazova from which everything starts, then the wholesale of Arti furniture on the territory of Serbia, as well as export of Arti furniture for the neighboring countries. Artinvest also has its own retail sale facilities, furniture salons in Belgrade, Valjevo, Nis, as well as Belgrade Furniture Outlet. As most affordable selling point is Artinvest WEB shop The Center for plate materials processing The Artinvest has one of the most advanced centers for plate materials processing in the Balkans. It is the heart of our company because here we store, sort, and we cut plate materials which we distribute to furniture manufacturers and other clients throughout Serbia; we also do serial production of multiple lines of Arti furniture. The center is located in Stara Pazova, covers an area of more than 2500m2, fully computerized in terms of control and management and it is equipped with modern machines. The employees work three shifts with 25 workers and 5 engineers and we are here to meet all the requirements of clients. Centralized processing of materials provides customers greater choice and a much higher level of service. The lines of furniture that are completely manufactured in the Centre, such as kitchens, office programs, closets and bedrooms are among the highest quality mass-produced furniture on the market, because this level of design, precision, processing finesse and complexity of the lines have been up to now practiced only with individually ordered furniture. The Center for plate materials processing can do the following operations on plate materials for the furniture production : logging, edge-shaped cutting, curved edging, drilling, milling, grooving, etc. The Centre gives us the ability to quickly, effectively and efficiently respond to current and future market demands in terms of processing plate materials. It consists of:
  • BIESSE WINSTORE 3D - K1 - automatic surface warehouse
  • Storage capacity of 5500 plates, handling capacity is 1200 plates per day
  • The purpose of the warehouse is to prepare and set the table for cutting on the Formatizer and to pack table on pallets for wholesale customers.
  • The warehouse operates in full automatic mode after a pre-defined tasks in accordance with the defined priorities.
  • The wrehouse operates 24 hours a day, without delays and pauses.
  • BIESSE SECTOR 450 K1 TWIN PUSHER , horizontal formatizers - 2 pcs
  • The new system TWIN PUSHER, which is characterized by high speed operation, reduced the losses of time between the cycles and the possibility of independent simultaneous cutting panels of different sizes. The advantage of TWIN PUSHER is simultaneously execution of multiple stages of processing which is made possible by introducing additional programming thrusters with independent work and the creation of complex cutting scheme in a very short period of time.
  • IMA ADVANTAGE 70 -one sided automatic edge machine - 3 pcs
  • Flexible CNC processing center of the panel processing with drilling, cutting and milling.
  • The machine consists of two operating units, one on top and and one on the bottom and it has the ability to process both sides of the panel or the processing of two panels at the same time.
The company Artinvest produces furniture from the very beginning, when we were local store of raw materials, and we made furniture on demand. As we grew to become the largest distributor of high quality plate material in Serbia we continued to use part of the capacity which we use for the cutting for making custom furniture, but over time the company has grown so much that we are no longer able to accept individual orders and send our workers in terrain but we left that job to partners that we have in every city, and we are focused on mass-production of superior furniture. Advanced technology used for cutting allows us to create very sophisticated furniture, which you can see in Arti salons - just ask for the models that have come from our production. We currently produce closets, sliding closets, cupboards, worktops and club chairs, kitchen cabinets and block kitchens, and every month we introduce new items, following the market needs.